Wireless lock
  • wLock-60


Detail Description

wLock-60, electronic wireless lock for ANSI mortise lock

wLock-60 is a heavy duty secure, versatile access control solution that can be installed and quickly on most door types. 

BLE function is optional.

The wLock system is battery operated wire free product. 

Long range
   Long-range wireless technology(max 1,000 meters) with up to 32 locks per hub
Long battery life
   Up to 1 year battery life or up to 200,000 operation of the lock
  Visual and auditable system health alerts.
Safe egress
  Always allows free-egress from the protected side of the door
Key override
  Available with or without key override for doors of 45-60mm in thickness
Card technology
  Compatible with a wide range of card technologies
BLE function
  Connect cellphone to operate wLock

Free wheeling

  Clutch design

Proximity Card Lock

• HID and Motorola/Indala proximity cards supported.

• Compatible with Weigand, ABA and custom formatted

proximity cards.

• Stand-alone, battery-operated electronic lock eliminates hard

wiring to external power source.

• Usable in all environmental/exterior applications.

• Utilizes U series Grade 1 mortise mechanical platforms.

• The escutcheon plate and handle is stainless steel 304

Proximity Card Reader Specifications

• Primary Power: 4 “AA” batteries

• Back-up Power: Maintains programming and history data up to

three months after power is lost.

• User Indicators: Visual and audible

• Serial Communications Port: Can be used to program locks


•Operating and Storage Temperature:-35°C to +66°C

•Material: Bezel - high impact ABS

•Sealing: Weather proof lens and gasket provides protection for

outdoor use.

•Card Read Range: 0" – 3"


Hotel, office, health, education,commercial and leisure.